The Solution


The O-MEE platform provides a dynamic and direct solution for a new creator economy that puts user practicability and profitability at the forefront of our platform approach. Creators and users must come first and we must give back. Here's how we will do it..

Backbone of the O-MEE Platform

⚑️Social Network. Connect and Create.

It’s no industry secret that content ultimately reigns supreme in the digital space and is an important component of any social media presence for everybody. Audiences naturally gravitate toward and engage with material they find compelling and relevant. The O-MEE Web3 social network is reinventing how you build an audience of true fans.
O-MEE platform is a streamlined experience to display content and communication. Interact, engage, message, share, like, promote and build communities.
You need to emotionally connect and build authentic, meaningful relationships. We provide a platform that produces social and cultural relevancy, allowing you to express your creative ideas within a social-driven platform allowing your audience to actively immerse into their Web3 content.

πŸ–Ό NFT Marketplace. Buy and Sell Digital Assets.

Explore, discover, collect, bid, buy, sell and mint exclusive NFTs and digital artwork. Inspire innovation in an experimental new world through artwork, pictures, graphics, videos, music, gaming, metaverse and more.

πŸ‘₯ Subscription Service. Earn Passive Income.

Anyone can purchase, provide and access exclusive content, exclusive spaces and exclusive NFTs through our Access NFT model. Content creators determine their own pricing structure, maximise their revenue streams to create a powerful value proposition to build economic independence. Create your own community through private social spaces and build gated-access social structures.
We encourage you to generate more followers, more likes, more engagements, more subscribers and more revenue along your new journey.

Standout Features

πŸš€ NFT Drop Support - Supporting early stage NFT projects with smart contract solutions to create/mint NFT collections.
πŸ“ NFT Services - Through strategic partnerships, O-MEE will provide our community access to key NFT Services to support you along your journey. Our mission is to create and drive additional value to all our users.
πŸ‘₯ Social Spaces - Social Spaces is a supporting product for our subscription service, providing you the ability to build your own open and exclusive community channels governed by rules set by you, the channel creator.
πŸ” Access NFT & NFT Rental - Access NFT & NFT Rental will revolutionise the way exclusive creators are able to monetise their paid content through the O-MEE Subscription Service. Access NFTs and NFT rental are both innovative Web3 solutions to facilitate your subscription payment transactions that provide access to exclusive content and private social spaces.
πŸ” Exclusive Membership Program - Our exclusive membership program provides users incentives to receive additional platform rewards and benefits such as discounts on NFT marketplace and subscription fees.
πŸ’³ Debit/Credit Card Payment Solutions - Don't want to pay or be paid in crypto? No problem. O-MEE aims to offer a wide range of direct fiat and cryptocurrency payment solutions to further add to our users' ability to buy/sell offered products on our platform. We believe the best solution is to reduce barriers of entry for our community. More information on debit/credit card payment solutions is coming soon.
❌ Filter your content. No Oppressive Algorithms - It is no secret that big player social media networks have fundamental privacy flaws within their technological infrastructure. Unethical methods and practical weaknesses have become more dangerous to our privacy, controlling what we see and what we do through oppressive and adverse algorithms that affect our online user experience. Be in control of your content feed through our filter tool. No more algorithm manipulation, the power and control is back in your hands. Dictate your feed and choose what you want to view.
βœ… Content Ownership - NFTs are a huge opportunity for you to sell directly to your community without the need for third-party distributors by offering ummutable provenance and real ownership laying a pathway for a real creator economy. You own your content. Take back control.