O-MEE WhitePaper

The Solution


We provide an innovative solution for a new creative economy that prioritises practicability and community purchasing power. Creators and users must be valued, and we must give back. Here's how we will do it..

Our Fundamentals

Buy and Sell Digital Assets

Explore, discover, collect, bid, buy, sell and create assets and digital artwork. We create a unique sociable experience for the creative economy. O-MEE embraces social connections while facilitating the sale of digital assets.


Our fixed fee structure is just $3.49 for each sale you make. Say goodbye to percentage-based commission from your marketplace. We align the interests of the marketplaces with creators in order to deliver the best value for the price whilst providing transparency and predictability for customers. With a commission-based model, it can be difficult to understand exactly how much you will be paying and what you are getting in return. With a fixed fee, you know exactly what you are paying upfront.
Commission-based models can also create a conflict of interest. Other marketplaces have a disjointed common goal to sell higher-priced products or services in order to earn a higher commission. This can lead to customers being sold products or services that may not be in their best interest.
We believe a fixed fee structure is the future for creators and marketplace experiences through implementing a clear, transparent pricing model and aligning with the interest of all creators, leading to better quality service and more satisfied customers.

Connect and Create

Its no-secret creativity ultimately reigns supreme in the digital space and is an essential element of artists, brands, businesses and projects' social media presence. Audiences are drawn to the material they find engaging and relevant and who ultimately come out on top. The O-MEE Web3 social network is reimagining how to create a genuine audience with an integrated marketplace experience.
Interact, engage, message, share, like, promote and build communities so you can emotionally connect and build authentic, meaningful relationships. We build on social and cultural relevancy so you to express your creative ideas within a social creative platform allowing your audience to actively immerse into their Web3 content.

The ClubHouse

A clubhouse is a dedicated creator page on the O-MEE platform. It allows the club creator to tailor communication and creative content offerings. You will be able to access multiple clubs and communities where you can interact, share and build together.

Creator Economy

Our token access and payment gateway system will make it simple for creators to generate more income by leveraging the ClubHouse spaces. Our vision is to accept digital payments in return for sharing artwork, content and product utility whilst developing stronger industry and community relationships. Creatives are able to decide on their own price structure, payment methods and royalties to maximise their income streams. We provide compelling value for creatives and support your journey to reach economic independence.


O-MEE will provide our community access to key services, tools and resources to drive industry adoption, awareness and education. Our mission is to provide additional value to all our users.

No Oppressive Algorithms

It is no secret that big-player social media networks have fundamental privacy flaws within their technological infrastructure. Unethical methods and practical weaknesses have become more dangerous to our privacy, controlling what we see and what we do through oppressive and adverse algorithms that affect our online user experience.
Be in control of your content feed through our filter tool. No more algorithm manipulation, the power and control are back in your hands. Dictate your feed, determine your layout and choose what and how you want to view it.

Content Ownership

Digital assets are a huge opportunity for you to sell directly to your community without the need for third-party distributors. Providing immutable provenance and real ownership lays the pathway for a real creator economy. You own your content. Take back control.