OME is native to the Ethereum Blockchain (ERC-20 Token)

OME Allocation

Percentage of Supply
Total OME
Strategic Sale
Community Round
Founding Team & Advisors
Liquidity Management
NFT Membership
User Rewards
Treasury Reserve Fund
Max Total Supply

OME Release and Emissions Schedule

The description for each allocation is as follows;
πŸ’Έ Strategic Sale (160,000,000 OME)
The platform is backed by private funding from selected strategic venture capitalists and angel investors. All these investors align with our long term vision of a crypto-driven social media network, subscription service and NFT marketplace. We like to use the view that investors are part of the team, providing crucial support for the platform.
Vesting periods for each round are as follows; Seed Round - 25% unlocked at launch, with the rest vested at 20% per quarter. Private Round - 25% unlocked at launch, with the rest vested at 25% per quarter.
You can find more about our current investors here.
🏑 Community Round (8,000,000 OME)
The public tokens will be a change for the community to gain access before token launch via launchpad community sale (public round).
These tokens will be 25% unlocked at launch, with the rest vested at 25% per quarter.
🀝 Founding Team and Advisors (80,000,000 OME)
Incentives for our talented team and growing network of advisors to continue their incredible support across each key department with the core vision to continuously push OME at the forefront of the crypto industry all bringing different expertise and experience to the project.
All tokens are fully locked for two years (potential to extend) with the vesting period set at 20% per quarter thereafter. You can find more about our founding team here.
πŸ’¦ Liquidity Management (80,000,000 OME)
These liquidity tokens will be used to provide liquidity at multiple exchanges.
The tokens will be held by the company and released as and when exchange listing are required.
πŸ” Creator Membership (280,000,000 OME)
Membership tokens are available to creators who wish to recieve additional rewards and benefits on the platform, such as reduced fee structure across our NFT marketplace and subscription services. You can find more about our membership program here.
πŸ’Ž Fan Rewards (96,000,000 OME)
Fan reward tokens will be used to incentivise our community and creator fans to engage with our platform as much as possible. This includes;
πŸ› Treasury Reserve Fund (80,000,000 OME)
The treasury reserve fund tokens will be locked for 2 years.
⚑️ Marketing (40,000,000 OME)
Marketing tokens are for new potential partners such as KOLs, influencers, creators and marketing agencies.