Subscription Service

Reinvent a new creator economy. Earn Passive Income.

The creator economy is growing. The digital era has provided an opportunity for people to go on their journey alone as paid content creators, providing exclusive content to their followers and fans. Empowered by well designed and easily accessible Web2 platforms and recurring revenue streams, in todayโ€™s world, anyone can create their own economic and social value. This new ability for creators to make a living directly from their audiences is transforming the creative industries. In fact, the ability to reach audiences directly has caused a shift in power, with content creators, not middlemen, leading the charge ๐Ÿ’ช
However, the Web3 is catching up, technology is evolving and new ways to monetise your exclusive content are becoming mainstream methods for both creators and their fans. Immerse yourself in a new way of earning through the O-MEE subscription service.
Content creators can leverage subscription services to attract more customers who do not have the financial freedom to pay significant upfront costs. The length of time followers subscribe to content creators may vary, but customer acquisition will create greater retention and content management, generating an increased number of subscribers that provide creators with a sustainable revenue model.
The subscription economy is helping creators across the world to shift their focus from quantity to quality of content. More doesnโ€™t necessarily mean more; itโ€™s about finding your niche and delivering consistent content to your audience.
The subscription services allow consumers to access exclusive content through break-down payments on a selected monthly basis.
Subscription Flow
The pricing page displays the creators subscription options based on the premium product (exclusive content) and prices they create when you first set up yoursubscription plans, meaning you donโ€™t need to create new ones every time one of your followers sign up.
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