O-MEE WhitePaper

O-MEE ClubHouse

Communication and functional benefits.

The O-MEE ClubHouse plays an important role for you to come together with other people to discuss common interests, build cultural relevancy and connect with like-minded community units.
Since the recent shift from Web1 to Web2, digital social dynamics have changed. We are witnessing the same today with the shift and growth of new social paradigms and subcultures to Web3.
As we make the move into Web3 and new technology, these niches have become even more specialized and dedicated to their particular interests, with a language all their own, coupled with the innovative tools that Web3 provides.
At O-MEE, clubhouses are open to everyone from brands and creators to businesses, artists and influences.
Start building your club, reinventing communities in web3 and streamlining your social experiences and engagement. Support and feel closer to your audience and feel part of a revolution in independence and equity.

What is a ClubHouse?

A ClubHouse is a dedicated channel on the O-MEE platform. It allows you to tailor communication and creative content offerings. You will be able to access multiple clubs and communities where you can interact, share and build together.
The club creator has the ability to set space rules, giving them greater control and autonomy over who can post, engage and view its exclusive content. These rules set the parameters for creators to build exclusive and sustainable communities in Web3.
The clubs are separated from the social marketplace experience to ensure we are able to enhance specific social feature functionalities and a fluid user experience.
Each club can be used publically or privately, depending on the space creator's preference.

How can projects leverage an O-MEE ClubHouse?

Building community: The O-MEE ClubHouse can help to build a sense of community around a brand, which can help to foster loyalty and engagement with new and existing club and community members.
Improving customer service: A ClubHouse profile can serve as a place for customers to ask questions, get help with issues, and provide feedback, which can improve the customer experience and build trust in the brand on a web3 platform.
Generating user-generated content: Your club will be a source of user-generated content, as customers may share their experiences, reviews, or photos related to the brand. This content can be used to promote the business and provide social proof to potential customers in the future on a web3 platform.
Gathering insights: Social spaces can provide a wealth of insights and data about customer needs, preferences, and pain points, which can inform the business's marketing and product development efforts.
Increasing brand visibility: By creating a presence in the o-mee clubhouse, a business can increase its visibility and reach on the social media platform, which can help to attract new customers.

How can creatives leverage an O-MEE ClubHouse?

Well, pretty much, anything.
For a public club, you could leverage communication, self-promotion, gamification and public marketing.
For example, you could publish blog posts, create an open gallery, share daily/weekly updates or visual materials and campaigns with each club member.
Public ClubHouses provide:
  1. 1.
    Open-access public communication to anyone and everyone.
  2. 2.
    Access to dedicated content from your favourite creatives.
  3. 3.
    Participation in gamification events from the creative
  4. 4.
    Involvement in public marketing campaigns from creatives.
Private clubs are a little different. O-MEE provides gated community clubs that enhance your community status and further strengthen your social building blocks through engagement and interaction.
To gain access to a private club, each club member will require a ClubHouse Membership, also known as an access token. An access token represents a digitalised membership that can be purchased on the O-MEE marketplace via the club creator's profile.
Private ClubHouses can be used to showcase gated content or be used as a monetisation tool. For example, you could leverage paid followers/communities, access exclusive content, access exclusive communication or begin to receive monthly revenues.
For example, you can create a private club and provide exclusive ClubHouse Memberships for paid followers, create additional content that is only accessible to paid communities, provide early access channels to paid subscribers or create private campaigns or communication channels.
Private Clubhouses provide:
  1. 1.
    Collaboration with private community members.
  2. 2.
    Access to exclusive content from creatives.
  3. 3.
    Access exclusive communication from creatives.
  4. 4.
    Subscribe to subscription-based content.

Space configuration

We provide 4 types of configurations for your clubs.
Public ClubHouse configuration
  1. 1.
    Club: Open > View: Public
    Everyone can post > Everyone can view
  2. 2.
    Club: Closed > View Public
    Only the creator can post > Everyone can view
Private ClubHouse configuration
  1. 1.
    Club: Open > View: Private
    Only access token holders can post > Only access token holders can view
  2. 2.
    Club: Closed > Private
    Only the creator can post > Only access token holders can view
Once you have configurated your club, you will be required to provide space information such as name, banner, description and profile links.