O-MEE WhitePaper

Digital Asset Marketplace

Promoting experimentation, originality and rule-breaking.

A digital marketplace facilitates is a simple and easy way to explore, post, exchange, and share digital assets. O-MEE provides an integrated social network experience to further enhance your creative experience, built on the Ethereum blockchain.
A digital asset, also known as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) represents digital ownership of an asset, such as a piece of artwork, and provides you with a certificate of authenticity. The purpose of a digital asset allows creators to take back control and monetise their work.
Our focus within the creative economy goes beyond individual creatives. O-MEE supports NFT collections. Throughout our NFT marketplace, we provide a new way to explore your favourite NFT collections past and present.
Each collection will be presented similarly to a user profile. Here, you are able to verify official contract information, collection description and key volume metrics. The profile acts as the marketplace, where collectors can freely interact and purchase individual listings.