O-MEE WhitePaper


O-MEE ($OME) is an interoperable social media and digital marketplace built for creators, businesses, brands, communities and collectors.

Reinventing how creators build social and economic value in Web3. Improving the future of value creation for users 🌎

We’re living in an experimental new world, from the metaverse to NFTs. Everything’s in flux and everything’s new. But, web 2.0 hasn’t kept up. We are still giving away art for hearts and likes. It’s time to reinvent.
O-MEE is designed for creators. A social marketplace that promotes sociability and creativity among artists, designers, influencers, and content creators by allowing them to create, share, and sell their content and artwork all in one place.
Unfriend social feeds, unlike shady algorithms and unfollow ads. We’re giving you your independence and equity back so you can experiment, compose and innovate. Create meaningful value from your work, connect with your fans and subscribe to your favourite creators’ journey. We call it O-MEE. An interoperable social network and digital asset marketplace for Web 3.0. Break conventions, forge a new path and challenge what art can be. O-MEE, reinvent your future.
The creative community provides the foundation to curate, support and innovate individualistic and artistic independence and O-MEE’s underlying vision aims to provide a platform that facilitates the growth of new social paradigms and subcultures.
O-MEE recognizes how hard you work to generate unique digital assets, and we want to provide you with a fair, trustworthy, and inclusive platform to create, connect, and earn.
Improve the future of creator value. We are reinventing how you build social and economic value.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make Web3 a safe and accessible space for everyone and put the power back in the hands of the creators. The fundamental pillars of O-MEE streamline social communities, facilitate digital asset trading and allow creatives to showcase their work in a conducive environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to improve the social and economic value of the creator economy and support value creation for users.

Our Purpose

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    Our revenue model is a creator-led fixed commission fee structure of $3.49 per transaction, rather than a percentage fee commission structure taken by market competitors. We remove high commission fees from the market, ensuring creatives are fairly compensated for their work while driving additional purchasing power into the community.
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    Mainstream social networks oppress user behaviour through manipulation and oppressive algorithms that adversely affect their ability to influence how they use their platforms. We provide a community-governed system, allowing our users to report what can and can not be said. We give back control to enhance your creative journey.
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    The NFT and digital asset industry have failed to recognise how disjointed the community experience actually is. From purchasing NFTs on one marketplace, and discussing opinions on other social platforms to community engagement and management elsewhere. We provide a streamlined social and marketplace experience that is inclusive for everyone.
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